My interest has been piqued by the 7 string now i (loosely) understand it. What are some good brands i should look at? At the moment this is all specualtive as im broke but what are some good models to look out for in guitar stores?
FYI: Im not planning on playing Nu-Metal with it
In the Ibanez range:

RG7320; pretty cheap and it has a hardtail bridge. If you're on a budget, look into this one.


S7320; comes with a ZR bridge, but for a seven string. I've never played one, but they seem well recieved and they get good reviews.


Xiphos 7; non-Prestige, but it does have DiMarzio pickups, a neck through construction and a hardtail bridge.


Apex II; the budget (not that cheap, though) signature for Munky.


RG1527; Japanese RG with a great trem. In terms of value for money and overall quality this guitar is amazing.


Other than those, there are the Universe models plus there are the older Japanese ones like the RG7620 which can be found on Ebay.
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