Poll: What do you think of the Ibanez X?
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I kiks butt
11 44%
could be an ass or could be a les paul, uncertain
11 44%
it is so crap its not even good enough to be crap
7 28%
Voters: 25.
You mean the Xiphos?

It looks pretty cool
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I think X is a series of guitars and all of them have D Activators on them :0
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Quote by Clancy 13
yeah, just hasn't got a floyd rose

... But if you look at Horlicks images, they CLEARLY have a trem on them. Albeit a crap one.
I think the Ibanez Xiphos or X series are excellent guitars,however they lack one vital thing....The FR trems on them are Edge IIIs...thats about their only major drawback...However,if your looking for a cool looking X shaped guitar with a hard tail, the X series is awesome.
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could be a mean guitar if it didnt have the Edge 3.
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Quote by Horlicks
You mean the Xiphos?

It looks pretty cool


Yeah, could be one hell of a guitar. The Edge III would have to go, though - drop in an Original Floyd Rose instead.

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Muhammed Suicmez thinks the tremolo's all right, I guess.

Although I've seen videos of him using a B.C. Rich Stealth, don't know if they're recent or old...
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upgrading an edge to a schaller floyd rose isn't that hard of a build
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