what are you asking? don't get any behringer pedals stick to boss if that what you mean.. or whatever...
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Im asking for a Behringer DR400 reverb pedal. Ill PayPal funds. Or Ill trade my Boss OS-2 for one.

the Behringer "clones" are a SUPERB alternative to BOSS pedals. Ive had plenty of the copies, and have never had a problem with any. I currently have the DR100 (RV-5), TU100 (TU-2) and just sold the VD400 (DM-2/DM-3). Ive tried the DD100 (DD-3?) and it sounded awesome. The VP1 (Small Stone) is just as good as the original, if not better.

If I was a gigging musician (or one with a band for that matter) that had the cheese to spend, I would get the originals. But for the bedroom rockstar type, they are great.
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