Hey everyone,

I want to get a cheap guitar with a crazy look and then change the pickups in it, i already have the 85/81 waiting to jump in and i dont want any tremolos.

I realy like James Hetfields Brown/White guitars, anyways you got the idea what i want, can you suggest me some?

Thanks... =) max prize is 300$
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To keep this slightly relevant: why not hunt online or in pawnshops? If you want a crazy looking guitar you should be able to find one there.
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i realy like the Gibson Exlporer, is there something with same shape but for 300$?
id go with a low end bc rich warlock but i think that even a new set of pickups couldnt fix that beast of a guitar
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find an older kramer. They made some wild shapes back in the day, they played awesome, and are relatively cheap.
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Favourite guitar shape ever is the Fender Katana. I'm not sure where you would get one, but they are supposed to play really well too.

And given that they were made in like the 70's/80's, The tone should be good too.
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