I was searching for an eidolon thread in the forums and there wasn't any to be found, so I've decided to make one.

Anyway, I never really liked or realised how good of a guitarist Glen Drover is until I heard Eidolon for the first time a couple of months ago. Anyone want to discuss????
One year and no replies? Crap!

Really cool band, I never truly realised just how good Glen's playing was until I heard these guys. Power/Speed/Thrash FTW!

I took lessons from Glen. He is really an amazing guitar player.

As for Eidolon, I only have The Parallel Otherworld, but it's pretty awesome from an instrumental standpoint. I can't really get into the vocals, but it's still worth a listen.
I heard him in Megadeth and I didn't think much of him. Did you hear his (relatively) new instrumental track, Egyptian Danza, on his myspace? Class song.

Anyway, Coma Nation and Nightmare World are sweet albums, the latter being my favourite.