Does any body want/need one?

I'm in the process of doing a Strat atm, and could do a tele/jazz/precision and any more if you need them. I can give it too you in .psd or whatever format suits you.

Let me know!
i wouldnt mind a tele or a strat template plz
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£8.50/58fund for a ROCKTRON HUSH SUPER C PEDAL
are these router templates ?
if so how about an ESP explorer?

if its paper, i've made one from print screening a CAD file and sizing it up on photoshop, its pretty sweet cz you get all the measurements and stuff.
Quote by Steel8909
I would like a strat template plz Where did you get them?

Made them myself on PS

They are just .psd's to mess about with and see what colours work with which, how things look etc.

Not router templates, sorry ;(
i wouldn't mind a strat and tele if you could.
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Any advice on pickups for the Strat template, I have an Invader, and planning on some single coils and maybe some EMG's. Anything else?