Hello im new to this forum. Soon i will buy a new amp. I was going to buy a second hand MG30DFX but read enough to know it was crap. I decided to buy a Roland Cube 20x. I live in Turkey and roland is like 300 $ I may get a second hand of it... When i buy the amp. i won't buy another again. I want it to be good and don't want to change it. When i searched for roland it's mostly for cube or 30x. What you think about 20x? I don't have the chance to buy a vox blackheart etc. Tell me about the quality and sound etc. your comments worth a lot for me. I want to buy something good. Sorry for bad english..
I have a cube30x. i am very happy with it... it has great distortion and clean. you should definately get it

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i have a cube 20... its a pretty sweet little practice amp, great value for money.

the effect quality is higher on the 30 and the 60, but the 20 has some great distortion and clean tones, and some fun effects, even if they arent extremely useful.




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yea but the only thing is that the 30x has alot more settingsssss. and ive played the 20x too and they both sound great but i think that the 30x would be a better buy

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Yeah there some effects on roland but i won't need them much. You can't expect too good quality from a cheap amp. If it's clean and dist. tones are good then there is no problem and btw. I now have a Cort x-2 =) I'm new to guitar it's been 2 months... Cort is good for me now i don't have any problems but i'm planning to buy a Ibanez RG320EX in some months... and after i will modify them with EMGs 81-85 later. I read that it's Edge Pro III bridge is not so good? is it worth buying would it make too many problems for me? If i don't use the tremolo arm much does it matter what bridge is it?
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its whatever you're comfortable with, and i have a 60 and i love it.
i dont know how many times i've gotten insulted for having one and not a tube or other stuff, just beware, lol. its an excellent amp line, you will enjoy it.

and about the guitar, no. i've played a couple of Edge III's and i didnt use the tremolo arm at all, and it played fine. its a little different than a floyd rose and i like those better because i dont play many ibanez's, thats why. i dont think it would bother you. the only complaints i hear is that it comes out of tune, i forget the other complaints.
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Ok thanks because i liked the RG320ex and everybody said bad stuff about Edge III. I don't want to get bothered with silly stuff that's why i asked. anyway thanks again