...So, I posted a thread a month or so ago, stating how happy I was with my new Zune. It seemed flawless, and it seemed amazing.

Hell, it still seems amazing, but I'm getting annoyed by one thing.

Why is it that when I connect the Zune to my computer, just to charge, and the Zune software pops up, it sometimes automatically removes music from the device? I mean, it's music that I legally own, so it really shouldn't be happening.

Like, I'll plug it in, the software will start up, and in the device section, it will automatically say "Syncing", and then it will say "[blank] items removed". Sometimes it removes entire albums, or if I can stop it, it only removes the first track off the album.

The first time it happened, it took off the album "Mingus Ah Um" by Charles Mingus, then the second time, "Dark Side of the Moon" was gone, and then this morning, it deleted the track "Psalm 69" off of Ministry's "Sphinctour".

So, is there any way to stop this? Is there any way to protect my music so, if it happens again, I can just put it back on the device without reloading it to the computer? Or, is it always gonna happen, so I need to get used to it?
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i think you have to hit "manually sync music" or something along those lines. look at the sync options. i havent used zune in a long while but that's as much as i can remember
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my iRiver does the same thing. Its basically to do with your sync settings like the guys above have said. The default for these is to reflect your library on your computer, so if you have stuff on the player thats not on the computer, it removes them.

The easiest way to fix this is leave all your music on the computer or change your sync settings.