Alright, I see so many people talking about how bands like Green Day and Nirvana suck because they're music is so simple, while *insert metal band* here is amazing because they're such good guitar players.

Notes per Second does NOT equal how good a song is.

I think this Frank Zappa quote sums it up best: "If it sounds good to you, it's Bitchin'. If it sounds bad to you, it's ****."

Honestly, it doesn't depend at ALL how hard a song is to play or how talented a musician actually is, it just depends on whether it sounds good. Some people seem to stuck up to realize that.

Rather than look a musicians technical skills, how about their song writing skills?

Alright, I'm done.
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oh yeah because this hasn't been done before. Just shut up dude, people are fully entitled to their own opinions on what makes good music good. Stop forcing your thoughts and beliefs down their throat.


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Ya you have a good point. However I have found that metal fans like metal because of the technical aspect of it. It all about what you like in music. I love improv so im going to listen to Jazz and Jam Bands. And if somebody likes really fast guitar playing then they are going to listen to metal. If you really like songwriting then listen to good songwriters. Its all just about what you like in your music. So there is no right or wrong, just personal preference.

If someone else thinks fast music sounds better, who the hell are you to judge them for it?
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