i'm trying to find a good cr dvd to get. i already pink floyd live at pompeii, the wall, pulse, led zeppelin (desert one), cream's 2005 reunion show, jimi hendrix at woodstock, band of gypsys, live at the isle of wight, Rush R30, the grateful dead movie, and i think that's it.

favorite bands are in my profile.
If you consider SRV classic rock, then the Live at Montreaux album has some incredible guitar work on camera.

I also like the View from the Vault series by the Grateful dead.
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grateful dead - grateful dead movie
pink floyd - pulse
led zeppelin dvd
SRV - live at montreux and el mocambo
hendrix - woodstock
hendrix and otis redding - monterey
bob dylan - other side of the mirror (this one is essential)
neil young - rust never sleeps live
The Led Zeppelin DVD is absolutely incredible. About five and a half hours of music on there; and it's all great.
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bob dylan - other side of the mirror (this one is essential)
neil young - rust never sleeps live

I was going to suggest these, good picks!
I'd also suggest getting Neil Young's Heart Of Gold DVD.

Oh yeah, another favorite of mine is Bruce Springsteen with the Sessions band Live In Dublin. It's not "rock" exactly, but it's got some really awesome "big-band folk" arrangements of some Springsteen classics and a lot of cool traditional songs played folk-y, yet unmistakably Springsteen. You may not be into that kind of stuff, but I think it's a really cool idea.
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Dream Theater's Live Scenes From New York or Live from Budakan.

Not classic rock, but you might like it.
Awakening The Revenant
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Monterey Pop.
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One that may be overlooked is "The Kids are Alright" by The Who. The footage is not simply interspersed with commentary for its own sake, but rather the whole thing is assembled to try to tell a story. You get tons of classic Keith moments (e.g. harassing the uptight interviewer on live British TV, or getting drunk with Ringo Starr), tons of introspective dialogue from Townshend, and plenty of quirks from Daltrey and Entwistle, allowing you to feel like you know the band, on top of watching some superb, classic-among-classics level footage. It's made a lot like a movie - as action scenes you get Who videos, and as a final climax you get "Won't Get Fooled Again"...
It doesn't even have to be new, I'd take an old one, even from like 1959 or something...
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