So, I want to buy an earvana nut for my yamaha fgx720sca, which is an electric acoustic guitar. I'm not sure what the nut width is, so should I order the 1 3/4 unslotted nut? My thinking is, that nut is the biggest so it could be filled to fit in, considering it's only millimeters of difference. And then it can be slotted for where the strings need to go. So is this what I should do? Or can anyone tell me what the width of the nut is on that guitar? Great thanks to anyone who can help me.
Or you could always measure your own nut width.
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I don't know how to measure my own nut width. Well, I think I could guess how, but I don't have the proper tools to do so.
If you can, go online and find the specs of the guitar. It should tell you what the nut width is.