Woohoo, just bought a new Valveking 212 combo on ebay for 500 bucks! I did read around a lot and checked out tons of reviews, but still have some basic questions.

*Will this amp be loud enough to play small-medium sized shows? (LOUD DRUMMER)
*Can I get a grindcore/metal core sound out of this amp? (The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, etc.)
*What effects do you reccomend for me to get the sound of the bands I listed above?

Thats it, all help appericiated!
Metalcore, probably. Grindcore, idk. If you get a good overdrive, like a Zakk Wylde od, it should help.
Yes, it should be loud enough.

Can it get grind/metalcore? ...I'd say stock, maybe. Some people say it can do metal, some say it can't. I suggest you get some sort of an overdrive pedal to boost the dirty channel with, so you can get that kind of a tone.
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ok thanks, so I need help choosing between these pedals..

*Ibanez Tube Screamer OD pedal
*Zakk Wylde OD pedal
*Metal Muff pedal
*Boss Metal Zone pedal
the metal muff and metal zone need to get the **** off of that list

the digitech bad monkey od
and the aforementioned tubescreamer would get the job done
you could also check out the maxon od's too.
Ok thanks, so now it's between the Bad Monkey and the Tube Screamer, anyone want to point out the pro's and con's of the two? I need to be pointed in the direction of which one I need to play GRIND/METAL CORE
well for one those bands you listed aren't close to grindcore but when i played the VK i couldn't get that much gain out of it, but like people said you can use an OD pedal.
It will be PLENTY loud for what you need
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