Hey again UGers!

So I got this Esteban Nylon string for xmas to add to my Ibanez RG2EX2 and others. It's probably the best sounding cheap guitar I have ever played, I love this thing! The other day I figured I'd try recording with it, seeing as I've been playing it nonstop since this month started.

So two days ago I had a bit of a conflict and all I could think about was playing my guitar, I came up with this little tune and thought it was worthy of being recorded...Hopefully you guys enjoy it, or rather I'll hopefully get some feedback on what could be improved and whatnot. Chances are I may do another take of the lead because there are parts of it I really don't like. Also I do realize that the lead really pushes the Db threshold, causing it to crackle slightly, but I'll resolve that later...

The song is on my UG profile page, here: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/fingersofflame

It's the song titled Vuelve a Mí

And as always this is crit for crit;


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