Those are the finger strength builders right? Yeah it will help you.
i have a red one, it has helped a bit, but it'll also help playing your guitar
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When backstage and talkin to the ladies i always go with the ¨Mines is bigger than theirs¨ argument as me bro holds hes guitar and i take out my bass... It works wonders @,@

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why didn't you just use higher string gauge? i never used one of those and slowly, but steadily my fingers got strength from using high gauge strings
i have the blue one...
i dont really think it worked.
maybe it did and i didnt notice it.
i really didnt think it worked.
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yea, i bought it to do during school or when watching tv, when not playing guitar. Mostly to strengthen my pinky and ring finger. i have absolutley no strength in my pinky finger

but to get strenght in your fingers you could go over scales, so you learn scales and get strength at the same time and probably get just better at playing guitar overall.