I am a HUGE Frank Zappa fan, and last year I decided to rework one of his instrumentals and make it my own. The song "Watermelon in the Easter Hay" was so beautiful sounding to me (and it still is.) I love the little 9-note vamp that pretty much runs the song, and the way the entire song switches between 4/4 and 5/4 every other measure.

So basically what I did to this song was change everything except the main vamp which I felt was at the heart of this composition. I would've posted this as a cover song, but I really didn't cover anything except the basic 9 notes behind it.

So, please, be open-minded and do not call this "blasphemous" or "disrespectful" to Frank. He inspired this all to come out of me, and I find it entertaining. (And in the end, isn't it all about entertainment?)

Thank you for choosing Telf and enjoy your ride on "Cantelope in the Easter Hay"!!!!!
Cantelope in the Easter Hay.zip
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