I just wanted to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of having heavier string gauges are. I know that you can play in lower tunings like C and D but what else does string gauge determine?
you get more tone from heavier strings
for a while i had 10-60s on my guitar in standard tuning and they sounded amazing, compared to 9-46s i had on after them
they are harder to play though, as far as bends and stuff
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The sound quality improves with heavier strings. I just like the feel of them, .09's and.10's are too sloppy for me, I need 0.11 in standard tuning, though I know many people find that uncomfortable.
Basically, use them if you want to play heavier Music, personally I prefer lower gauge strings due to me being a very gentle and calm picker.

You should try a Scalloped Fretboard and Heavy Gauge strings, they compliment each other well.