hey does anyone know anything about snowboarding? I feel like getting a new board and I'm trying to decide between Forum, Flow, and Sims.

I'm looking at the Forum Destroyer, Flow Team or Flow Quantum, and Sims Chaos. I'm about intermediate at snowboarding and I'm looking for something I can go to the park with and still hit the rest of the mountain with my friends. Course the graphic is always a plus. Anyone know anything about these boards? Or can you suggest anything better?
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well, which do you prefer? trick or ride?

trick boards are alot shorter then ride boards

in any case i would suggest RIDE snowboards and bindings, they are the most comfortable in my opinion, but then again thats your opinion
you know what? get a Ride.
i have one, and its the best. i absolutely love it. its sooo fast, idk why. i never waxed it or anything but its really slick and i get a lot of momentum quickly that maintains on the flat stretches.
and they all look awesome, Ride makes sweet boards. do it.
We'd need your shoe size, height, weight...

But for an all-mountain board, I'd say
Burton Custom
Burton Uninc
Capita Indoor Survival/Outdoor Living
Rome Agent
Endeavor Paavo
Forum Destroyer

Off the top of my head.
Check out some of the new Ride boards. Also Lib Tech makes boards with this Magne Tragtion technology and my friend has one and I used it last time we went up to Baker and they're awesome. It makes catching an edge pretty much impossilbe even on ice and you can ride really fast without losing control. Also the board you get should be decided more on your weight and stance than anything else. That myth that a board should be between your nose and your chin is absolute BS. Think about it, a board wont respond to how tall you are but rather how heavy and where you're feet are positioned on it. I would wait until this summer and check out some board shops and ask someone who can help you out. Why? It will be about half of what it costs now. Also don't ignore the boots and bindings. Together they are more important than the board and will have a bigger effect on how fluid and easy the ride is than the board will.
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Ok I'm looking for a board closer to the trick side but but can be used all mountain too. Thanks for the suggestions. Question though, how does your boot affect your ride? i use a regular board not a wide. my bindings right now are pretty good I'd say, I got a good deal on flow m9s. also, don't boards usually have different lengths to accomodate height/weight? my stance is left foot forward but i can ride switch. I like the magna-traction stuff on the GNU boards, that looks pretty cool.
and btw im not gonna buy till the summer so all the 08 models drop in price.
I just want to make sure you should be riding a normal board and not a wide; my friend thinks size 13s fit on his Uninc, but he can't figure out why he can't take a deep carve.
Take a look at RIDE (my personal favorite) and rome boards. Honestly they are some of the best out there. There are a couple burton models that do have my respect thought (their names elude me)