Okay, I'm looking into purchasing a new guitar. I've got a Squier Strat currently but want to step it up. This will be my first guitar purchase after my Squier. I don't want to spend more than $500 as I have a limited source of income. I play mostly rock and a little bit of metal. If anybody has any suggestions as well as justifications for those suggestions... it would be much appreciated. (I've heard good things about the Jackson DKMG Dinky guitar... comments?)
I say stick it out till you have more money and go big.
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get like an epiphone SG or something.
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If your looking for a rock/metal guitar look around some Shecters or Ibanez S seires. The jackson Dinky is kinda more on the metal side.
Ibanez S320: Costs 500$ max and has a comfy mahogany body and an excellent double locking tremolo.

Ibanez RG321MH: Mahogany body and fixed bridge. It's simple and great value for the price. It is also cheaper than the other ones I'm listing, so you can even swap one of the pickups with the money you'll save.

Hagstrom Swede and Super Swede guitars: There are all kinds of different versions of these. They look like LP's and have a nice sound for the price.

Yamaha Pacifica 612V: Strat style guitar with a good tremolo and a Seymour duncan JB in the bridge. Best sound in that price range. They have a nice flame maple veneer as well.

EDIT: I am thinking about buying the 612V or the 812V (slightly better version) myself one day. Excellent instruments.
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My first guitar is a Epiphone Les Paul, if you get one, it will need a pickup change.
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Gibsons will be your best option.
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Gibsons will be your best option.

He has $500...rofl
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gibsons are **** get a dean vendetta and a new amp
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I'm guessing that you'd probably be more suited for an amp upgrade. What do you have now?

I'm actually just using my 15w amp that came with my strat. an amp upgrade would be a good idea. any suggestions on that one?
The Vox AC15 is a nice amp .If you like rock, then I suggest you try some of the MIM Fender Strats,their pretty good, if not,you could save up 200 more and get an RG Prestige from Ibanez or a Highway One strat or even an ibanez S470.
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get an epiphone G-400, epiphone les paul, or ibanez S series, maybe used or something

buy a roland cube or vox valvetronix if your cool with modeling amps.
get a crate RFX if you dont want a modeling amp. its still a SS though, you might want to upgrade later when you have enough money to spend on more high end gear.
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They have just about every kind of guitar available at astonishingly low prices! You could actually get a replacement Strat AND a Les Paul styled guitar for under $500!! They're Korean made, but the quality will take your breath away! You can also see real life demos from other owners by searching YouTube for Agile or SX Guitars.


I'm not completely sure you need to replace your Squier!!! You've got a little GAS, which is short for Gear Acquisition Syndrome!!!! Something new would be kinda fun! I totally understand that! BUT, it's not always the right answer!! I own nine guitars...and ironically my favorite guitar to play (even out of the expensive stuff) is my cheap little "throwaway" Fernandes Strat that I paid $179.00 for (I originally bought it to keep at the office for late night breaks.) Your Squier is a great little guitar! I've bought two for my kids when they were younger....and if setup properly, they play like a dream! If you have the Affinity model....then perhaps an upgrade is in order. But if you have the Squier Standard, keep it! It's a fine guitar.

I agree with one of the posts above that maybe what you need is an AMP upgrade. The VOX Valvetronix amps are probably the best for the money. They're incredible! Heck, maybe all you need to get the sound you want, even with the existing guitar and amp you have....is a decent multi-effects pedal. I've played Zoom products for a long time now...and they sound great.

You can get a decent Zoom multi-effects pedal for $140.00 Click here for info on the Zoom G2.1u

In any case....have fun with your decision...and good luck on your purchase!!


If you want to hear what a cheap $179.00 guitar (similar to your Squier) sounds like with a Zoom multi-effects pedal, click here: My Sound Samples
Thank you Dave, I found that to be very helpful. I do have the Affinity version. Maybe I'll look into some amps and take a look at those links you gave me.