I posted a tab for the song Jamie All Over by Mayday Parade a few days ago and it was rejected. I figured this was because I had only tabbed to the chorus so I finished it yesterday and it was still denied. The few other tabs for this song are completely wrong and the one that sounds close is about 50% complete (and still wrong). This tab took me days to complete so any help getting it accepted would be appreciated...
I don't know how to help you, I submitted a tab for Broadcasting by Comeback Kid and it got rejected for no reason, even though it was close as well as the only complete version of the song...dunno what to say, man.
Yeah I had a perfectly good tab of a song of which there were no good versions and it got rejected, even though I had a number of favourable votes. Quite frustrating, really, but oh well, I dunno what you can do about it.
I don't even care about getting credit, I just dissected the whole song with various sound editors, pulled out multiple guitars, spent days getting it right because I knew people really liked it and wanted to play it correctly... oh well.
Yeh, I checked the "WTF?! Why my tabs have been rejected?" page and it didn't fit any of those reasons. There are about 5 versions of the tab already, but almost all of them are literally one bar-chord riff of a very complicated song, and the simple riff they have is wrong. It's insane. My tab is nothing like any of the very short/incomplete others.
Im with the rest of you.....I submited only one tab coz I found the wrong tabs here so I corrected it.....but I cant see it.....posted
....so little time.