Hi. I have been playing music for 7 years about, switching on and off between electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, piano and drums. I have never really "focused" on just "one". I am wondering would it just make more sense to devote all of my time on mastering one (I want to be somewhat good on guitar) of these instead of jumping around on 5? I see all of these hot shots who just focus on one instrument (most of the time guitar or drums) and become very good in a short amount of time (like 5 years of so). How much could you improve by doing this?
I see myself in the same position, I play guitar bass and drums and I'm average to good at all of them.
I am in the same boat as you. However, I recently started drumming for a melodic hardcore band, so that is my main attention at the moment.

I see no problem jumping around. It shows your musical diversity.
i am exactly the same way, when i started playing drums, pianoo and bass, it helped me with my guitar alot. so if i were you, i'd pick my favorite one, work hard on it, but keep the other ones up to par
Well it'll improve your musical ability and ear for sure. However, you won't be as advanced in everything. I'm trying to do that, too. I want to get a bass (preferably stand-up, but beggars can't be choosers) and drums, but I'm still focusing on guitar, jest because it's something I know I'm good at and I've played it the longest.
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always a shortage of bass players mate... wanna get into a more established band or something faster, then...

this is coming from someone who plays guitar, bass, trumpet, cornet, piccolo trumpet, drums, sings...
If you're composing own songs (or planned to do that) it can be damn handy...

I'm a guitar player but can't play any other instrument (maybe a bass but... that's not that different from a guitar) and I just can't create nice drum-beats or things made by other instruments...

If you play multiple instruments you can easier make a composition made out of multiple instruments...
it's ok to do that, I know someone who does
but tbh, they aren't very good at any of them...and it's best to have one that you're good at if you want to be noticed
When I wasnt in a band, I just played all of them about equally. Then when I was in a band, I started playing bass alot more than any of the others since that was what I was playing in that band.

Playing everything means more opportunities and then you can focus on whatever you do in a band.
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Yup. I'm the same way. I play the guitar, bass, drums and piano. I've been playing the drums the longest, I used to play every day but I just bang on em a few times a week now. The guitar is what I focus on most...I find it hard to focus equally on 3 or 4 different instruments. I have the guitar that I play most but I do manage to make progress on my other musical interests they just come a little slower. I think the key is not to stop altogether with an instrument for a long period of time... You don't use it you lose it, I guess.
I wish I could play all those instruments...
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One of my friends devoted his life to music, he knows almost every instrument there is. None of the exotic ones though. He is just average for most intruments though. I would only pick up probably 2 or 3 intruments and work on them.
If you're into writing your own music and have several instruments on hand, I think it would be beneficial to be a jack of all trades. I wish I could play more than guitar (and bass I guess) so that when coming up with complicated drum patterns in my head I could just play it for my drummer rather than saying "now hit this one, no not like that, ok then do this, double bass here....blah blah blah." It would be great to record a track with several instruments on my own, regardless of how rough due to not being a "master" of any instrument, then take that to the band. I say continue to play as many instruments as possible. Learning more will not hold you back in any way.
No problem with being good at a lot of instruments.

If you really want to improve, set aside a specified amount of time each day to practice each one... otherwise you risk being constrained as average in everything.
i mainly play guitar. but im learning ot play piano. I know how to play bass but i odnt have one. and eventually i wanan get a drum set. I think it would help in a band since you know more than one instrument and oyu can come up with parts for everything
^ That's a good route. I know piano/keyboard, drums, guitar, and learning bass.