Hi everyone who loves metal and rock and roll man !!!!!

I really want to sing in a band. My singing experience is very..err limited to say the least, but i am fully prepared to take lessons. I have lots of experience of playing guitar and if needed can play rhythm/lead as well as sing if needs be.

If you have some experience at your particular instrument, then that would be beneficial but not a requirement.

I am 17 years old and want to make a band.

I want people around my age.

I want dedicated people who love metal, rock n' roll etc.

Preferably poeple who live in Southampton cause it will be easier to meet up.

I dont mind what songs we do but i prefer to do some covers. Covers of the following bands below

I also dont care how many people we have in my band, i just want guitarists, drummer, bassists, keyboardists, people that can play and instrument and love metal. DOES not matter what instrument it is !!!!!!

My tastes: Megadeth, Within Temptation, Black Label Society, Rammstein, Alice in Chains, Turisas, Alestorm, Wolfmother, Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Nickelback etc

This is a plead, i really and i mean seriously want to play in a band, i am soooooo up for it and every part of me longs to be in a band, this is not bullcrap , this is serious stuff so if you guys want to meet up sometime and jam then please mail me at funkyguydj@hotmail.co.uk METAL!!!!!
Hey, i'm a drummer and i live in southampton...I have played with quite a few bands and giged, playing stuff like RHCP, Alien ant farm, 12 stones, few Blink 182 songs, Classic rock...

Umm what type of songs would you be looking at playing? Cause right now i can't play too good on the double bass...but that is a matter of practise. Get back to me...
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