Hello, I just bought an acoustic guitar about two weeks ago. I know nothing about music except that I love it. I am not sure if I should take lessons or by a book. I am looking to learn all the notes on the fret board first and figure out chords. Any suggestions?
Just have fun and learn some songs that you like. Chances are that if you do stuff like learning scales and notes and such early on, you'll get bored and probably put off guitar playing.

So learn some songs and when you get the hang of it, start learning theory and such.

Good luck.

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Have someone tell you how you should hold your hand and fingers. If you might take lessons later they don't have to unteach you things you taught yourself the wrong way.
If possible, take lessons.. If not; video lessons.. It can be difficult to fully understand the descriptions in books, and since playing a guitar is a matter of adaption, it can be difficult to get it straight if you've first got it wrong!
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Take lessons to learn technique first; then it'll be much easier to learn and play your favourite songs. Take lessons.
Thanks for the good responses. I think I will take a few lessons. I found tab for some of my fav songs. I will try them out.