i got this bass of my friend and he's unsure about the make and how much it is worth.
so if anyone one knows what it is and how much it is worth please tell me, it says x professional on the end
it has a number on the back it says 1060200
Picture 035.jpg
Picture 034.jpg
Picture 029.jpg
Picture 030.jpg
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So all we know is that it has the word x-proffesional on the head?

We really need pictures if you want any help at all.
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that is indeed, a bass guitar. unfortunately the pics don't help much. i'm thinking 80's or 90's copy from east asia. not worth much, maybe $50 - $65 max.
The machine heads I see in pic 29 are common to a number of Hoshino built basses from the mid 70's to mid 80's. So Ibanez, Columbus, and (believe it or not) Kawai are possibles.
Tho' I do know of Hohners from that period with something like 'X Professional' on the headstock.
Some better photos of the logos, and a serial number might help!
Somewhere like MyRareGuitars.com might be able to help too. There's a whole world of old stuff anoraks in there...
I am going to concur with CJ73 on his hohner guess. They released a whole "professional" line of instruments--guitars, basses and keyboards during the 70s. I'd be surprised if it wasn't one .
The bridge and head are very Gibson-y, although I have never seen a Gibson with precision split coils. The cream colered cover for the pickups and one of the knobs hint a custom change. The double cut body is symmetrical, which is something Gibson is also known for.

I would venture a guess that it is a 70's Gibson Series that was discontinued.
Squier frankenbass
LTD Deluxe EC-1000 in Vintage Black
1960's Banjuke