The IRS check is probably going to be a large portion of whats paying for another amp. By the name you can see that I play alot of thrash metal. I like a good clean tone too, doesn't have to be fantastic. My Windsor is awesome on the distortion end, but I need something a tad more versatile.

The budget would probably be 600$, maybe a little over depending on how much I have. My first choice would be the 5150, I've heard some good things. There is the B-52 AT-100 as well. Is there anything else I could maybe find used or something?
nah i dont really now much of anything else that is good in that price for what you play, but if your ganna have to chose between those two amps go with the B-52 more versatile
and i think the Gain 2 channel just kills the peavey

Edit:Oh yes the tiny terror nice cleans when you need them very dark and when you need Metal it can do that as well

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i wouldn't go for the 5150 if you want good cleans my friend has one and its terrible on cleans IMO
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