They should be put down.

I think the council should offer them jobs, which they can choose whether they want or not, but either way, their support gets cut. That should sort them out.
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Yeh they get 32 grand all together a year i mean god damn thats quite a bit and ther puttin in for a 10 bedroom place grrrrrrrr
Look in my eyes what do you see?
just shows how easy the british government are, dishing out benefits left right and centre.
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they should be giving a choice job or you aint getting money my dad is a proud worker and its sucks to see people like this getting more money for f*ck all
Look in my eyes what do you see?
... Why am I at University studying for a better future when I could be claiming £32 000 a year in benefits?

Thats more than I ll earn when I graduate into a graduate level job and it ll take me a good 5 years to reach that level of pay!

This is unfair, these people do not deserve it. They should get a fucking job and deal with the harsh realities of life.

My dad (when he wasnt incapacitated from alcohol) would work 14 hour days to put food on our table. If he didnt go to work, we would go hungry. He often didnt go to work and because he worked, we couldnt and didnt claim any benefits off the state.

Fine it sucks that we have to work and we are not able to do what we want, but thats life and people like those featured in the article need to deal with it.

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