so i got a new epiphone les paul which is not even meant for me to play becuase i suck so much, i wanna play guitar so bad but i just suck at it so bad so does anyone here know how i can get better because sometimes i just think of giving up.
The first month or two of playing guitar is always the hardest. You just have to practice, practice, and practice a bit more.
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look into taking lessons with a teacher or even just online. youtube seldom has good things to offer
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to start off

id say first learn scales to build your confidence then when you are good at about 5-10? scale songs, (were you can play them almost perfectly) move on.

then, to brake down your confidence learn the basic chords

then to build up your confidence learn some power chords

(theres other lessons on the account of those youtubers, check em out)

those 3 things will start you off!
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This is a glass-half-full saying said in a glass-half-empty way: everybody sucks when they start. I sucked, everyone else here sucked, Jimi Hendrix sucked, Slash sucked, everybody sucks at some point or another. It's something that you need to just stick with; Rome wasn't built in a day, as the saying goes.
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It's a cool guitar to start with, by the way!
And yeah, never give up - just practice!. Personally i started from scratch! And when i thought I was good enough to move on to the next step, I returned to scratch! Try that out! Might be usefull!
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thnx you very much you guys, im starting to gain some confidence and i can play some really simple songs now, i hope i get better soon lol