this is pretty good. it's too bad you're in East TN. there's a lot of metal and metalcore coming out of Memphis right now.
OK, this isn't really my style, but I'll give it a shot. Guitar tone is pretty good, but a little muddy (what are you playing in, C Standard?). Drums are a little loud. Snare needs to be tuned (zOMG are you lyke Llars Ulrich from teh St Angerz? ). Now that we've got the general mixing out of the way, to the song itself.

I like the riff with the high note at the end, though it does wear thin after a while. The other riff with the more coherent drum beat is better IMO. The singer does a scream well, though maybe you should ask him to go a bit more KSE and inject some bass into his voice, its a little flemmy sounding for my taste.

I think that this song needs developing a bit more, maybe a breakdown thrash/chug on the E String? And a solo? That would be good. Solid playing by all throughout, it's WHAT your playing that needs the attention IMO.

Good Luck!


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