Okay, I always kinda thought my amp wasn't that great. Mainly 'cause thats what my friend who started me off on guitar told me. I've never had any real problems with it. It's not mind blowingly great, but doesn't seem bad to me. So I just thought that other amps must sound that much better.

So I started thinking of a new amp, and I found myself the roland cube 20x. Which seems to be popular here.

But today I found out that my amp is a Carlsbro kickstart 25, which I didn't know before 'cause the previous owner scratched the logo off. I looked at a couple of reviews and they say it's pretty good.

So whats the truth? Is my amp good or not? And will it be a big difference if I get a roland cube?

Ideally I'd like to try it out, but they don't stock them anywhere local.
the cube 20 is the bastard child of the cube series. microcube, 15, and 30 are the good ones. pick one they are all great

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The cube would probably be better. Those reviews look like they were written by beginners who haven't exactly developed an ear for tone yet. Try the cube and if it sounds better to you then go for it. Also prepare for the flood of "save up for a tube amp" posts which I would actually agree with BTW.
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save up for a tube amp!

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I kinda thought the 15x, 20x and 30x were the same but with different effects?

Soul_power, the second review is definitly by a beginner. Not so sure about the featured one though.

As for liking my amp. It gets me by I guess. I can't help thinking I could have better though. Plus I'd be saving money getting this amp instead of buying all the effects I want seperatly.
Actually 20 and 30 have more effects than 15... 30 has better quality than 20 and 15... but still a 15 would be fine too...
Yep, thats what I heard. If I remember right the 15x doesn't have the acoustic simulator or the tube drive, and the 30x has a few extra lead settings and seems to be missing tube drive. Although it does have a very special looking 'dyna-amp' mode.
If you can't tell its crappy, why get a new one? Once you become better at playing, you will start to notice how different amps sound. That is when you should get a new amp. Don't just buy some expensive tube amp(even though you want the Cube 20, which I don't recommend) just because someone more experienced than you says your amp sucks.
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I can't tell whats bad because I've only played a few amps I guess. So the answer is probably to go and try a bunch of amps.

I don't dislike my amp, but I do realize it's not exactly amazing. It just doesn't sound clear to me, maybe thats just a heavy dose of overdrive though. Plus I like the idea of all the effects in the cube.
20x should suit you i think but still if you like your and and if you won't like roland waaay better just stick with your amp.