I'm very sorry if this has been asked before, but just how blemished are factory blems? I found a good deal on an Ibanez on Musician's Friend, but I don't know if I want a blem model. So are blems glaringly obvious or just something small usually?
Ive heard it varies, normally small though.

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I recently got a blemished Epi Les Paul from my local music shop and all it had was a small crack in the finish at the back. Can't you ask for pics and judge yourself though?
@DanTheMan2710 I never thought about it really, they might have pictures of the blems, but I never figured a big dealer would care enough to show them...
It's usually cosmetic imperfections, and they don't affect the guitar's performance. Usually it's just a dent. They work perfectly. It's like a second hand guitar that's never really been owned by anyone.

I'm fairly sure most of them are put through quality control and are set up nicely.