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I searched all around UG on starting off on the guitar, bass, keyboard; nothing. So I decided to write this up. And no, I am not finished yet; so be patient.

GUIDE TO PLAYING A GUITAR. Where to go, what to look for.
It’s time to learn how to tune a guitar. the E at the bottom is the lowest string, in other words it produces the lowest note open. The “e” is the highest. For more information check out tuning a guitar; http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/the_basics/notes_on_basic_tunings.html it would be rather pointless for me to restate everthing there here, so just check that out, get your guitar tuned as perfectly as you can and then read part to.

PART TWO: getting the feel.
You might be asking the question; “how do I play?”. There is not any chance in hell you question can be answered in whole on this document/lession. The focal question should be directed more towards, “where do I start learning”. Well first of all, you should get the feel of the guitar, learn a few tabs. TALK TO SOMEONE YOU KNOW ABOUT IT. Some good songs off the top of my head are “one (first intro riff)” Metallica, “45” by Shinedown, “Adam’s Song” by Blink 182, and “Back In Black (main riff)” - AC/DC. Don’t get me wrong, those are pretty simple riffs, or a series of notes**def riff**, but they will be hard at first. I would post up links to them but after about a year the link’s URLs would most likely be broken and useless. So just search for them.

PART THREE: scales.

When you get most of those songs down for those who actually are serious about this thing, it would be time to work on more songs, more technique. Try playing this; It doesn’t matter if you’re a Righty or a Lefty, the fingers are the same. Lets start with the E scale. Just go Up^ and down \/ at a constant tempo (rate, time). Oh and one more thing before you should read this, don’t do that “it’s to hard” bull, because people like Synister Gates and Kirk Hammet probably didn’t say that.

+ = open string
P = Pointer, the one NEXT to the thumb.
M = Middle, you flip people off with this one.
R = Ring, where you put your fiancés ring on every morning when you get to that time of life.
I = Pinkey, the little ass one that is farthest away from your thumb

  + P R + P R P M I P M I + P R  + P R
e------ ----- ----- ----- ------ 0-2-4-------------
b------ ----- ----- ----- 0-2-4- ------------------
g------ ----- ----- 1-2-4 ------ ---------------
d------ ----- 1-2-4 ----- ------ --------------------
a------ 0-2-4 ----- ----- ------ ---------------------
E-0-2-4 ----- ----- ----- ------ ---------------------

Play that in time with a metronome at around 85bpm (beats per minuet) at ¼, *|
Then slowly work it up to around 130-150. but ONLY get in that range if you can play it on clean mode and it doesn't sound like poop

**def** Riff - series of notes: a short, often repeated series of notes in [music] that forms a distinctive part of the accompaniment. In other words


I have a busy life so this is where I end this until I add more later.
curently composes with Guitar Pro 5. amazing peace of software. i'd recomend it. and Samplitude recording studio.

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Slight crit, but tell the kiddys to start immediately fretting with their pinkies.

It saves time
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well, it's okay, but we have lessons like this already.

plus, your tab is upside down, uneven and teaches kids that chromatics are okay.

Which they are not ........
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oh, so i should change that to a scale? this is supposed to more or less be something summing everything up and telling where the other lessions that go into more detail are. like someone that just picked up a guitar yesterday with little or no knoledge of music probably isn't going to know what an apreggio is, so this is just a little something telling them what they should look into. is there anything like that?

EDIT: oh crap i didn't even notice i put it upside down, i wasn't even thinking. Fixing it.
Edit: fixed. i'm bascily writing it on here. and i will go more in depth when i get the main subjects down.
curently composes with Guitar Pro 5. amazing peace of software. i'd recomend it. and Samplitude recording studio.

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