Is there a difference between the neck used in the pre-fender RR3 and the one in the post-fender RR3? Because this whole time I thought I hated the necks, but yesterday I went into GC and played a post-fender RR3 (the one I had played before was pre-fender) and it played just as good as, if not better than, my beloved ESP Viper 400.

So is there really a difference, or am I just delusional?
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i'm going to finish paying off my rr3 and the neck is pretty good. i thought jackson necks were usually really thin, but this one isn't. this one is probably a fender jackson one
Well my Jackson is defo a post-Fender one and I have to say its the nicest neck I think I've played, well imo.
I've never played a pre-fender one though so I can't really make a comparison.
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I don't think they radically changed the neck shapes once they got owned by fender...

Just cos one company is owned by another doesn't mean they're obliged to make clones. The company works as it always did, making their own guitars with their own necks.

I think that unless they decided to completely redesign the necks at some point, there shouldn't be a difference caused by them being bought by Fender

(that made no sense)

BTW, you might have just forgotten what the neck feels like, or you've gotten more used to a different kind of neck.

Fender bought Jackson in 2002, so there's a good chance that you just forgot.
They only thing they've changed since Fender bought them is the hardware and pickups. Jackson import necks just have some that play above the rest due to the fact they are hand shaped.