Ok, I'm a complete noob when it comes to electric guitars and amps, but I've seen many and many people saying that they hate Line 6 Spider III amps? I wonder why, I mean I've seen videos of people demonstarting and testing them on youtube, they don't sound that bad, but yet, I see 90% of the comments saying that they suck. This is really just out of curiousity, why is everyone showing hatred towards this amp?

Here's a video, now this doesn't sound as bad as people say it is, at least to me


Can anyone tell me what's so bad about this amp?

Thanks a lot in advance
They don't sound bad when they are at bedroom practice volumes, but when you bring them up to volumes need for a band situation, they start to break up really bad. And they sound really digital in general, which many people, including myself, don't like. I have a Spider II and my vocalist has a Spider III and IMO they don't sound any different. The effects are nice to play around with and all, but really, there are much better amps for the price.
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I hate spider IIIs because people keep posting threads asking why everyone hates them. i didn't hate them, until i got sick of explaining why everyone else does. now i hate them...
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Spider III's aren't anywhere near as bad as the first two spiders. I've tried each series.

When I tried the third, I thought it had a pretty good tone on the crunch and metal channels. Everything else sucks, though. I also found it really hard to use due to the presets and stuff.

The extreme distortion sounds really fuzzy, the clean tone is anorexic and very quiet, the blues tone is like the clean tone with an annoying grit to it.

EDIT: just watched the video. The guy sucks more than the amp.
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A) you can get better amps for the price (ex.for the price or 30 watt one, a fender champ or a peavey transtube would sound ridiculously better)
B) they sound really pretty bad at most levels, and ALWAYS sound digital, not to mention the FX aren't very good.
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I have a spider 3 fifteen watter and I don't use it anymore. The effects are actually difficult to get set at the right spot, and the distortion is fizzy, not fuzzy. I got it for less than 100 bucks so I guess that I got what I paid for. The cleans are really the only decent thing on the damn thing, and even then they lack mid range definition. Ever since I got my DA5 I never used it.