So got 2 more Pedals today just to test them out.
two cheapy delay and flange pedal.

and im wondering if the order matters.

atm ive got it


does this distort the flange and delay?

or would it be better


Why don't you try it out and find for yourself? Although the second method is usually the best, if I want to use my phaser and my distortion at the same time, the volume is just killed by the phaser unless I place it before the distortion.
thanks for the help.
i would have tried but my battery went like a few mins ago, and i cba to go shop to get a new battery.
Yes, the second order would be best.
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The second one, you want to distort the signal first. If you distort the effects you get a bit of soppy mess. Its basically the same reason why the effects loop is after the preamp, to save the preamp drive from distorting the effects.