Alright. I know I'm new to the forum and all that stuff, but i need help, searched around, and couldn't find answers.

So I'm buying a gibson off of my buddy for super cheap, like so cheap it wouldn't matter the condition. I think it's an SG. I'm new to guitar and im looking to play more of a metal/ rock sound. So I was wondering how well is this SG gonna hold up for what I want to play? Some specifics would be helpful.

And sorry for making a new thread about this, but I hope it will help others too.
The SG is perfect, but it's your amp that will matter. The SG can do anything you throw at it, so let us know what amp/pedals you have, because that's where the rock sound comes from.
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I don't even have an amp. this will be an all new setup. I'm guessing he doesnt have that great of an amp. But im getting all of it for like 150$ because he doesn't play at all.

And yes it's a Gibson which I'm thrilled about.
Thanks for the halp.
The SG is the quintessential metal/hard rock guitar. It looks mean and sounds mean. But like, 80% or more of your tone comes from your amp so, what are you looking at getting?

And for 150? HOLY MOSES!!!!!!!!!!!
If it's an MG, please get a new amp. A Gibson through an MG is like giving someone who cant drive a Ferarri.
What model Gibson SG is this? $150 is pretty cheap....Somethings not right.

Anyways, I got a Gib SG and you can play anything you want on it. A good amp is where you will get the sound you want though. If you're just starting to play, it doesn't really matter if you have a crap amp. You won't really notice how bad it is until you get better.

BTW, I recommend learning how to paly on an acoustic.
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I'm telling you guys, I dont know the specifics of it. I just know it's a gibson. But if i can get ahold of him, I'll be getting it today and I'll probably post flicks.

and yeah I'm learning on my dad's acoustic right now, I've got a couple of intros down.
And I'll probably have some extra bank in the near future so I could pick up a good amplifier.
I'm calling shenanigans on your friend. Either that, or he's an idiot. But yeah, if it's a legit Gibson SG it'll be great for what you want to play, provided you get a good amp.
Sounds like it's either an Epiphone or a Faded series SG, either way it will be a good first instrument.