This is a great Molly Hatchet song, and one of the only songs I know by them. Does anyone else think that the solo is really great? It should get a little more recognition, not "one of the greatest songs ever" great. But its still good. Anyone else think so?
I agree.

I saw them play it live a while back, and that solo, with them trading off and stuff... It kicks ass.
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yeah its really a kickass solo. i put the tab on here cause there were no good tabs fot it anywhere..not that mine is perfect or anything but its sounds good.
yea, the solo kicks ass. yay dual guitar work!
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this thread seems old but i'm kinda stoked for molly hatchet this summer so why not bring it back to life..

yea, i absolutely love molly hatchet, and i'm seeing them in syracuse this summer!! flirtin' with disaster is a great song, and it's awesome that it's in rock band. i suggest you look into some more songs by them, they're all good.
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Molly Hatchet is kinda one of those bands I describe as everyone knows them, but nobody knows them. Most of the people on this site are musicians, so yeah, we notice a lot of things casual listeners don't.

I can ask someone if they like Molly Hatchet and usually get the, "Um, never heard of them or any of there songs." Start singing a bit of the song and they're like, "Oh, yeah, I love that song. What's that band again?"

My parents divorced and I have two half brothers within 7-8 months of each other's age. Very close to both and we all grew up similarly. The brother on Mom's side plays guitar. If we both kinda like the same song, new or old, one of us will mention it and we both know the name of the band, all members and about when it came out. Brother on Dad's side might know the real name of the song, might not. Loves music, but I guess differently. I'm the oldest, obviously, and I was born in '71. If someone releases a new song and it's a remake, brother on Mom's side and I pick out quick that it's a remake from 1961, or when ever. Brother on Dad's side thinks it's a cool new invention. "WOW, what's making that neat new sound? It's like nothing I've ever heard!" That's a guitar.
Just listening now, can't say I've ever heard it before. I'll assume it was just an American track that didn't ever get much attention abroad - or that I've just managed to stay away from it for years.

Decent track, don't really like his vocals that much though.
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