i was looking for a graphics card and then i found out i had such a old computer that i couldnt use any pci-e card. so now im looking for cards that are only PCI. my question is, is there any cards that are 256mb and 128 bit that are still PCI?
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Not worth it. Upgrade your machine or build a new one entirely.

As far as i know, their are no modern PCI graphics cards? that will support that amount of memory atleast?

only PCI-E or AGP.
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Not worth it. Upgrade your machine or build a new one entirely.


Upgrading that old thing is a waste of money, you'll regret it in the end.
What he said. Through the graphics card and many other things you will probably require to play any recent games, the cost will probably end up less by buying a new one.
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AGP dude.
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i just upgraded my computer for about $900 and it rocks if your spending any less wait and save the money
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yea i know, ive already thought of buying a new comp but the thing is thats gonna cost at least 200+ (i dont like vista)
so i might as well buy a new graphics card for like 60 bucks
the games i wanna play isnt that demanding so a 256 would easily suffice.
For regular PCI? no.

You could get a Geforce 7600GT for AGP.
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