A moment of bordom this morning produced this.....
Adrift in a dark sea,
In an unrelenting storm,
I hover in the black water,
Unknowing of what lies beneath.

The stars have faded,
The moon is black.
I dont know where to turn,
Crashing waves and dark sky is all I see.

Hope fades,
Fear reigns,
While the four horseman appear on the horizon,
Ominous and terrible.

Salvation seems not to exsist,
Of redemption there is no prayer.
Yet as I float in the everlasting darkness,
A pinprick of light appears.

A beacon of faith,
The guiding light.
One road out of damnation,
One route of escape.

Drifting towards the aurora,
With the vile water surging,
Trying to drag me down,
To drown me in its infinate blackness.

Beasts of the sea,
Ravenous and evil,
Haunting figures of darkness,
Rip and tear at my flesh.

The storm rages,
Increasingly more violent as I near the light.
The beasts viciously assault,
Neither can hinder my crusade.

Drawing ever closer,
The radiance engulfs me.
The waters calm,
The sky grows light.

I can see the land,
The fruit of my faith.
My deliverance,
My resurrection.

Any good?