Hey guys,

Just wondering what you all think of my bands demo. Check out our myspace
and listen to "Cowboy Up", "***** and the Virgin", and "Mother Says" and let me know what you think. The other two songs are older, and will be phased out when our new material is ready.

Crit for crit, finally got my high speed internet set up, and I check this page on a daily basis, so it shouldn't take long to get your response.

Thanks alot. If you like us, add us, and if you're a band around our area, message us about shows.
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Cowboy Up:

Nice harmony in the beginning (Iron Maiden much? ). Nice tone on the verse guitar. The singer is very Creed/AlterBridge esque, which compliments the song well. Backing vocals aren't as good. You/or whoever sings them needs to give those a bit of work. Drummer is good and solid all the way through, but I cant hear the bass drum/bass player at all - Thats obviously the quality of the recording, not all your fault. I like the heavy breakdown in the middle, well timed and played. Solo is shred-tastic! Great playing, not too over the top or long. Ending is a good idea - I can see that being played twice as long live - Arena Rock FTW!


***** and the Virgin:

Now this is a nice riff [Verse]. The harmony part is good as a fill, though beware of over-using it. Again drummer is dead on throughout. I CAN HEAR THE BASS! Nice build up withthe bass solo and menacing long chords. I think the synth could effectively be replaced with guitar and a **** load of chorus - The synth makes it sound just too Iron Maiden. I think the bit after the solo (which is again good btw) is a little weak, maybe the drummer could build the beat a bit more (hihat/snare drum?). The piano part is quite unexpected, but as with Epic by Faith no More, it rules.


Mother Says

Now the verse/intro riff in this is my favourite of all of them. I WANT IT! Maybe the drummer could cymbal every beat to make it even more brutal, but I honestly don't think it needs it. This song has attitude. Singer needs to make sure he sings more in tune - Bends and talking are good, but I think the majority needs to be sung (chorus). Drummer is AGAIN solid - you've got a good one there. Solo is on the mark, but WahWah would be a good addition IMO. Good tone throughout. Ending isn't as tight as the others, but so what? lol. Final comment - Needs moar pinch .



I like your band's Iron Maiden meets Creed sound. I think it works, and that you have some good material sitting there. Better recording quality would do these songs so much more justice, but it is only a demo so it can be forgiven.

If you have the time (C4C):