Like Zvex and Fulltone? Just want to go on their websites and see what they offer for fun. Thanks.
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Squier Classic Vibe Tele
Fulltone Clyde Wah
Fulltone OCD
Fulltone Deja Vibe
Fuzz Factory
Carbon Copy

Boutique Marshall-Style 50watt amp head
Orange 2x12
Barber electronics all his stuff smokes
Durham electronics
Just go to pedal geek they have a ton of boutique makers there.
Tom Anderson Hollow Classic
72 thin line tele

Barber trifecta fuzz
Mi audio Crunch Box
Clyde Wah
Barber Burn Unit
Ocean efx Texas deuce
Boomerang chorus delay
Barber ltd

1971 Pro reverb
Fender acoustasonic
Fender super champ xd
Red Witch, Skreddy, Analogman
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This chick that looked like shrek ****ed me while I was passed out on xanax. I screamed when I woke up.
wow i had NO idea there were so many like that thanks guys!
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Squier Classic Vibe Tele
Fulltone Clyde Wah
Fulltone OCD
Fulltone Deja Vibe
Fuzz Factory
Carbon Copy

Boutique Marshall-Style 50watt amp head
Orange 2x12
Taken from thegearpage.net:
Quote by The Gear Page
Advance Tubetech OverCatdrive
aNaLoG.MaN King of Tone
AnalogMan TS9/TS808 Silver Mod
Antelope Lovelight
Aphek Peanut Butter Distortion
Aramat Green Machine
Austone Millenium Overdrive
Award-Session JD10
Aya Drivesta
Baldringer Dual Drive
Banzai Cold Fusion
Banzai Fireball
Barber Burn Unit
Barber Direct Drive
Barber Silver LTD SR
Barber Small Fry
Barber Tone Pump
Bixonic - Expandora
BJF Baby Blue OD
BJF Baltic Blue Distortion (custom)
BJF Cherry Red OD (custom)
BJF Dyna Red
BJF Emerald Green Distortion Machine
BJF Honey Bee
BJF Little Green Wonder
BJF Model R (custom)
Blackstone Overdrive
Carl Martin AC-Tone
Carl Martin Crush Zone
Carl Martin Heavy Drive
Carl Martin Hot Drive'n Boost
Carl Martin Hot Drive'n Boost Mk11
Carl Martin Hot Drive'n Boost Mk111
Carl Martin Plexitone
Carl Martin Rock Drive
Catalinbread Buster Jangle - Prototype
Catalinbread Super Charged Overdrive
Catalinbread SilverKiss
Catalinbread Teaser Stallion
Cat's Eye Mutha Fuzz Distortion
Clark/Barber Gainster
Clay Jones OD
ClinchFX Classic Blue
Clinch FX Mosfet Classic
CMATMODS Signa Drive
CMATMODS Tubeslammer
Crowther Double Hotcake
Crowther Hotcake
Crowther Hotcake Bluesberry
Cusack Screamer
Custom Tones Ethos Overdrive
Damage Control Demonizer
Damage Control Womanizer
D*A*M* Differential Audio Manifestationz Meathead & Meathead Deluxe
D*A*M Sonic Titan
Demeter Double D
Demeter FOD-01
Diamond Fireburst
Diamond J-Drive I, II, III, TR
Divided by 13
DNA GainFxxckerII
DNA Virtual Tube
Dreamtone FX Infinity
Durham Sex Drive
Dytone Smoozy Drive
E13 DisasterFuzz +
E13 TP+
Earthquake Devices Crimson Drive
Earthquake Devices Royal Drive
Effects Pedal Boutique SRB808 Plus
Emma Reezafratzitz
Eternity Roadhouse
FoxRox Zim
Frantone Brooklyn
Frantone Creampuff
Frantone Hepcat
Fulltone '69'
Fulltone '70'
Fulltone Fulldrive
Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET
Fulltone Fulldrive II (no mosfet, with 2 way switch)
Fulltone OCD
Fulltone Soulbender
G2D Classic
G2D Cream-Tone
G2D Custom
Gaspedal Carb
General Guitar Gadgets 'Brown Sound In A Box'
GS Wyllie Overtron
Guyatone OD-2
HAO Rumble Mod
HAO Rust Driver
HAO Sole Pressure
HBE Germania Treble Boost
HBE PowerScreamer
Heart Breaker muff clone
Hermida Audio Technology Mosferatu
Himmelstrutz Elektro Art Fetto & Fetto Deluxe

Jack Orman's AMZ-FX "PlexiStack"
Jacques Fuseblower
Jacques Mercer box
Jacques Overtube
Jacques Tubeblower
JAMpedals TubeDreamer8
JAMpedals TubeD.Dreamer88
J.Everman Ultra Drive
Jekyll & Hyde-Visual sound
Jersey Girl Plusdriver
Jersey Girl Fulltender
Jetter Gain Stage Blue
Jetter Gain Stage Red
JT Products The Force
JTK Harmonics Alchemy
JTK Harmonics Murano, Delirium, Aurora
Keeley Boss BD-2 'Phat' Mod
Keeley DS-1 Seeing Eye Mod
Keeley DS-1 Ultra Mod
Keeley TS9 Mod Plus & Baked Mod
Klon Centaur
Landgraff Dynamic OverDrive
Landgraff MO'D
Lovecraft Mojo Drive
Lovepedal COT50
Lovepedal Death of a Vox
Lovepedal Eternity
Lovepedal FAB 50
Lovepedal Hotrod Twin
Lovepedal LO
Lovepedal Purple Plexi
Lovepedal Super 6
Lovepedal Woodrow
Lovetone Brown Source
Mad Professor Little Green Wonder
Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion
Masotti OD Box
Maxon DS-830 Distortion Master
Maxon OD-820 Overdrive Pro
Maxon OD-9
Maxon OD-808
Maxon ROD880 Real Tube Overdrive
Maxon ROD881 Real Tube Overdrive/Distortion
Menatone Blue Collar
Menatone Dirty Blonde
Menatone Fish Factory
Menatone Foxy Brown
Menatone Howie
Menatone Kar Krash
Menatone King of Brits
Menatone Red Snapper
Menatone Top Boost in a Can
Menatone Working Man Blues
Mesa Boogie V-Twin
Metasonix Butt Probe
MI Audio Blue Boy Deluxe
MI Audio Blues Pro
MI Audio Classic Distortion
MI Audio Crunch Box
MI Audio Tube Zone
MJM Guitar FX
Mojo Hand Mule
Moollon Distortion+Overdrive
MXR Doubleshot
Nick Greer
NOC3 Effects Pure Drive
Okko Diablo
Officially Licensed Circuits
Olainsulander Boogie Drive
Option5 Destination Overdrive II
Paul Cochrane Tim
Paul Cochrane Timmy
PedalWorx Cactus Crunch
Pedalworx Texas Two step
Pete Cornish ss2, ss3 g2
Phat Boost (CMATMODS)
Prescription Electronics

Radial Tonebone
Radial Hot British
Radial Classic
Radial Tri-Mode
Radial Plexitube
Reverend Drivetrain
Reverend Drivetrain II
Rick Gram Woman Tone Overdrive
SCP (Catalina)
Skreddy Screwdriver
Skreddy Top Fuel
Shannon Overdrive & Distortion
Smart People Factory Red Threat
Smart People Factory Green Line
Sobbat DB-2
Speedster Overdrive
Subdecay Blackstar
Subdecay Liquid Sunshine - transition model
SubDecay Stupid Box
Takky Drive
Taos Ass Bite
TC Jaugernig D.G.T.M.
Telenordia T-100
T-Rex Alberta
T-Rex Bloody Mary
T-Rex Dr Swamp
T-Rex Michael Angelo Batio
T-Rex Moller
Toadworks Death Rattle
Toadworks 'Lil Leo
Toadworks Mr. Ed
Toneczar Openhaus
Tonefactor Mule
Tophat Expressor
Uncle Ernie's Overdriver
Urso Splinter
V-Stack Standard & Tweedy
Way Huge Green Rhino
Way Huge Red Llama
Wells 5 O' Clock Shadow
Xact Tone Precision OverDrive
Xotic BB or AC

Zendrive 2
Zinky True Grit
ZVex Box of Rock
Zvex SHO/ 2in1
And that's just overdrives and distortions...
How to achieve Frank Zappa's guitar tone:
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Step 1: Buy a Gibson SG
Step 2: Insert Green Ringer, EQ, 3 dead squirrels and a microwave into said SG
Step 3: Plug in and freak the **** out.
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really fucking long list

holy ****. I think you win
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Squier Classic Vibe Tele
Fulltone Clyde Wah
Fulltone OCD
Fulltone Deja Vibe
Fuzz Factory
Carbon Copy

Boutique Marshall-Style 50watt amp head
Orange 2x12