Check out my songs on myspace I've got 4 songs on there right now. They're pretty much punk reggae ska sorta songs. Tell me what you think and add me if you like it. www.myspace.com/allornothingtunes
With an irresistible blend of reggae induced hip-hop and catchy pop-punk hooks, Half Chance Heroes captivates audiences with their unique sound and energetic stage show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8bSU0u8uvM
Streets of Damnation:

Now I'm not a Ska/Punk fan. But this may convert me. I LIKE it! Harmony on the vocals is really good and adds a lot of depth to the song, especially in the chorus. The drumming is good (it is real drums right?). The solo is nice, though maybe absolutely clean wasn't the best idea. maybe add a bit of crunch. The reggae break is inspired, it made me lol. Fart WTF?! Please stop! Please you ruined the song! (Well maybe just a little bit overboard).


This is my Life:

I like the guitar sound at the beginning of this song, how did you get it? Vocals are a bit iffy in the verse. Lyrics are also a bit weak IMO. Nice brass and synth break after then second chorus(?). And of course the obligatory reggae that fits well. This really defines your sound. Nice ending build up with the solo through the chorus. Maybe a fade out is a little weak for a song like this though.


Open up your Mind:

Evil and menacing doesn't seem to fit your song type profile, but I'll roll with it. Nice memorable melody and accompaniment. This is the sort of song you end up singing to yourself. Maybe the ride on the drums is a little harsh. Again with the reggae! If you're going to play it though, d I wouldn't be so tender with the playing. Pound it out, it'll fit better with the rest of it IMO. Nice harmonica as well btw. Not so sure about the synth but the harmonica certainly is haunting >_>.

Gunshot ending. **Shrugs**


Watch your Back:

This song didn't grab like the others did unfortunately. Actually I was surprised to find that this song sounds almost Offspring-like in its sound. Solid singing, and a nice generic indie sound. The bass is also brought forward in this song, which I like. There are a lot of different instruments in this song, but they are arranged well, so you don't end up with the dreaded "Wall of Sound" technique that I am really not a fan of. Again the Lyrics are a little weak. Farting..oh dear you ruined it again. Bad ending to a decent song.


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streets of damnation;

Love this, you're voice sounds like the singer from the remnants, very good. I agree that the solo could do with some distortion, it sounds a little weak at the moment. I actually quite like the little reggae break although your vocals get a bit off in that part. The ending completely ruined it though.

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