My goodness, it has been a busy weekend. I have been frantically spending teh moneyz that I have been saving for gear that strokes me just right (gov. stimulus check also helps). Anywho, I have one, in order:

'67 Blackface Vibrochamp ($300)
Boss RC-2 ($150)
Boss DM-3 *vintage, rare analogue delay* ($150)

I can't wait for these things to come in! You will be able to hear them when we update the band's MySpace.
Yeah. I get on Musicians Friend every day looking for good deals, even though I have absolutely no money at all.
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Tell me about it. I saw a used mapleglo Rickenbacker 360 on my CL this week and pounced.

$300 is a nice price for that Vibro Champ. Congrats!
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Ive made $245 bucks of craigslist in the past 2 months. About to make it $280 =)
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