The blame game can only go so far before it becomes battleship.
The constant denial of ones actions,
Leaving the world at a loss for truth,
Without the single, slightest clue,
As this is just what we know,
This is what makes us human,
This is what drives us,
To live on like false parrots.
But all can be changed,
By a simple answer,
That is ignored,
As most are,
But with one word,
One word:
New ideas,
New lives,
Can come from this,
Because it is the epitome of self.
That which we avoid continuously,
And at absolutely all costs.
It can represent a lifetime or a moment,
Though we’re terrified of both.
Verity is slipping away from us,
Slowly but surely we’re tearing each other apart,
Because above all that’s what we’re afraid of.
We’re scared to trust and be trusted,
As this would mean welcoming others into a very firm bubble,
And it would put a halt to the current world of, an I for an I.



Yes, if any of you recognize this, it's an old piece... I've only ever used this on here once for a 1v1.
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