Is there any type of certificates, or degrees? You can get to help you land a Luthier job. I was thinking about applying for a job at PRS. They start out only 9 an hour being a sander. Not really worth the bridge toll. I was just wondering if there is anyway to get a jump start. I painted cars for 3 years, and have been a finish carpenter for 5. I made 20 untaxed a hour from my last job.

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Check out the MI program:

If it'll help you get a luthier job, iono, but I'm assuming this will set you apart from the rest of us that just research and pray we don't screw up our guitars with our chisels.....
Good luck jobhunting.
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I'd like to take up being a luthier as a career but band saws scare me.

Band saws aren't that bad, you just have to be careful.
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There's a luthier school in Red Wing, Minnesota if I'm not mistaken.
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Anyone know if there is a school liek this in Michigan? Ive been searching online, too not much luck, Thanks.
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being a luthier you will likely make really ****ty money. i just graduated from john marshall's luthier international in atlanta georgia.

idont know if id recommend it or not.

Can you elaborate? What didnt you like? what did you like? What was covered? What do you feel wasnt covered enough? Was it rushed, and how long did the whole course take to complete? How much was the course? How much hands on work was there? How much theory? How did the guitar you build turn out compared to how you thought it would? etc etc etc

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