How do Gretsch's fair with some mild AC30-type overdrive? I love the look and feel of Gretsch's but I play blues and classic rock, so how would the twanginess of a Gretsch go with a P90 in the bridge, too?

(I was looking at the Electromatics.)
Dude look up Hillsong United or The Academy Is... Michael Guy Chislett plays in both of them and he has a Gretsch White Falcon and his sound is awesome. He uses an AC-30 (Pre-Top Boost) among some Orange amps and stuff but i think it might be the sound your looking for. Look up "Hosanna" By Hillsong United on the "All Of The Above" Album, there is a solo in that song that is really cool and sounds great.
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not to leave out the almighty CHRIS CHENEY of "the living end", one of the best modern gretsch-slingers around
I can't stand watching people waste their money on horrible gear.
Eddie Cochran played a 6120 with a P-90 in the neck position. Gotta love him.