so my brother(9 years old) has decided to become more like me (15) and has picked up guitar. Has played for maybe 2 weeks now. He knows the riff to Hells Bells, Scorpion by megadeth, some riff by metallica (its fairly simple, just palm muting), and can play dream on perfectly, and all of back in black, californication and dont cry except for the solos. He also knows all of the pentatonic major and minor scales in all positions. What should he start next? he's getting really pissed that he can only play one full song.

EDIT: he is playing on my old epi les paul, no whammy bar or any **** like that, and has a distortion and a wah pedal that he likes to **** around with.
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Learn to use the scales he knows to solo?
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he knows all the pentatonic scales in most positions, makes a few mistakes here and there, but he needs to get his picking up to speed and cross between strings efficiently and cleanly. So he can kind of solo, but not to well yet. Couple of months and he will be amazing.
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Teach him some chords, that'll open up a lot more songs for him to play.
he knows basic major and minor d, a, e, c, g chords, but has trouble with barres, so no f or b. and no full barre chords either. I'll work on them with him though, his problem isnt those chords themselves, but changing between them quickly.
when i started i learned aerials by soad, and i could play the whole thing. and the intro will be good practice for picking speed. and i liked alot of older godsmack or stuff like that to learn.