Just wondering what everyone thinks about them if anyone has even heard of them
I personally think they are great, but obviously i think if Matt just stayed with weezer the World would be a better place for the most part. But what does UG think of The Rentals.
i've really only heard Friends of P. it's a great song, though. matt sharp was apparently a driving force behind weezer. it makes you wonder how it would be if he hadn't left the band.
hahaha. i'm a huge rentals fan. i used to have all of their unreleased demos n everything. Lovely band. also, they got me into synthesizers. hahah.
the rentals are just awesome
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berries and cream
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Oh, So youre like me with weezer....
where might one such as i be able to obtain such "unreleased demos n everything."?

good question. when i find it all again, i'll let you know. (my external harddrive, home to most of my music, kind of stopped working recently)