Hey, I dont know if anyone on here will know the answer to this but I'll give it a shot. On a copy of Pyromania that I just came across in my collection I noticed that the song "Foolin' " is instead titled as "Foolin' Around". I did a search for this through google and wikipedia etc.. but came up with nothing explaining this discrepancy. Is this a misprint or what? The back of the cover lists it as "Foolin' ." I have always known the song as Foolin' and other copies of the record I have list it as Foolin' and not "Foolin' Around". Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
Wow I never heard of it being called Foolin' Around... Thats my favorite song by them btw
add me if you wish...
Cat.no: ST7534
Format: full length cassette
Release date: 12/31/1987
Released in: Saudi Arabia
Side A: Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) / Photograph / Stagefright / Too Late For Love / Die Hard The Hunter
Side B: Foolin' Around / Rock Of Ages / Comin' Under Fire / Action! Not Words / Billy's Got A Gun
Discography item no: 179
Notes: Most Saudi releases are bootlegs. This is an attempt to create a copy of a legitimate release. "FOOLIN'" listed as "FOOLIN' AROUND".

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