This is quite an old one, wrote it when I was 15, really heavy crush gone wrong.

Fear enveloping; I cower from the truth.
Give me opposites that do as they're told.
I can't direct, yet alone redirect this. Sworn to protect right,
Yet now I seek protection. Attention?

Protection from what, you ask?
One. Fullness. Bidentity.
Can’t read a book; there’re no pages.
Can’t ask a wise one, sworn.
I stutter, as grace turns.

A name. Doesn’t seem worth getting beaten up over, does it?
Nothing fears nothing, but One. Nothing knows no master, but One.
What is this bestiality? A shadow that can't pass over.
A mirror, that shows all that doesn’t show.

This is how to feel crushed, bisected.
To feel like all’s a fraction to the full.
The whole, all-emptying, whole.
If something is whole, there’s no space left.
No space for One and a Half.

A bit raw in my opinion, probably needs quite a bit of refining, but get used to it. I'm an amateur.

Criticism please.