hey thanks yeah were going to go back in and record and have him annunciate more because i dont know anyone who can understand a word he says haha
any more?
anyone else?
we have shirts for sale you can see what they look like on our profile, if you wanted to give me some feedback on those as well that would be sweet.
thanks man, yeah we got a new guitarist because the last one, the one we recorded with, wasn't really all that tight with us when he played.
i think your band was pretty sweet i like listening to the singers accent ha i think Irish accents are cool!

any one else?
Very good! And I don't even like the genre. Great screams, but I would have liked it more if it had some clean vocals, maybe in the choruses. Cool riffs too.
Its not bad. I think that the group vocals were pretty sketchy. But, really not bad. Congrats on the show with The Ghost Inside. They are awesome.
hey sorry to get back to you guys so late, this is wade,
and yes i would like more clean vocals as well but im pretty much the only one who wants that haha everyone is kinds against that for some reason. to dead poetic, when you say the group vocals are sketchy do you mean the chanting part? or the singing part? and thankyou the the ghost inside is sweet i'm really stoked