Great sound, vrey punchy guitar tone.
Really good quality actually.
I cant really think of any criticisms. Theres a guy on youtube called ortopilot, you sound kinda like him.

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I thought it was really good, good recording, great tone, the only critisism I have is that the lyrics in the chorus ae somewhat similar to the chorus in the song "I want you" by Bob Dylan, but the sound is completely different so it really doesnt matter.

By the way how are you recording your acoustic, micing, direct acoustic pickup, a mix?
Thanks for the critiques.

I recorded this on one track with my Zoom H4 Handy Recorder using a really terrible guitar (a 'Montana' since I don't have my own right now). It was done on one track and I put a little reverb on it to cancel out the sound of the $50 guitar. It turned out ok though.

I did run a risk with such simple chorus lyrics. I haven't heard the one by Dylan, but I will definately take that as a compliment. I was thinking of the song ' I Want You' by the Beatles when I put it on paper myself.

Do you think the song needs a bridge part. It's a rough draft and all, so I'm open to suggestions.

I really like your timing on the lyrics in the verse's. Very catchy. The chorus really irritates me tho. Im not a fan of i want i need lyrics it disrupts the flow of the song for me in a bad way, makes it sorta corny. Other then the lyrics tho the singing is great. Really good work tho dude, kinda wish you lived around where i am, itd be nice to play with someone who knows what they are doing.

if your up for a crit, could you rate my fake plastic trees cover.

Ok, I Think I agree about lyrics needing some changes, but I also imagine it's mostly guys who are critting the song... Heck I think they're corny myself and I do want to improve them. It's funny, some of my least favorite songs that I've written (because I think the lyrics are corny) have been the favorite songs of some of my female friends.. I guess perhaps I'll never understand women, haha.

Thanks for the honest crits, I'll look to improve the lyrics!